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Let's talk video.

Columbus Brewing "Crime Scene"

We've been in the mood for some scary movies recently and were inspired to work with Columbus Brewing Company to make this frightening little film. :) #dontWatchItAlone

Enjoy Life

When we create a product film with you, we always look for opportunities to create "micro-content" or content that will help you promote your business on ALL your social media platforms. - For this film, we worked with an absolutely delicious sparkling ale from North High Brewing. It's a great summer day drink that packs a relatively high alcohol content — win-win!

Blueberries at Fox in the Snow

We worked with Fox in the Snow and our personal-favorite blueberry dish for this fun product film — delicious.

We Love Chocolate!

Leave us alone with a case of chocolate and you won't find any left when you get back. We worked with Pure Imagination Chocolatier over in Grandview to create this delicious product film.

Wine On High

We're definitely wine drinkers at AgencyAMG and Wine On High here in Columbus has an amazing selection of wines you aren't going to find at your local grocery store. We picked up this top-notch Rosé to create this product film on a particularly warm summer day.

The Coffee Scrub

Creative Grace Soapery in Bloomington Indiana has really amazing creations and we put together this super-fun, high-flying film to showcase their Coffee Scrub!

Sushi Time with Oshio

Our love of sushi and our devotion to local businesses helped drive the creative aesthetic of the product film. We sourced the delicious sushi from Oshio here in Columbus! Don't watch it when you're hungry. :)

Rockin' Out at Pint House in Columbus Ohio

We love the vibes at Pint House in downtown Columbus and their food is AHH-MAZING! We worked with their top-notch wings, a mediterranean wrap and an ice cold brew to create this rockin' product film.