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April 8, 2023

Hi Restaurant Owners! As your industry continues to adapt to the challenges after the pandemic, many restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, are turning to delivery services to reach their customers. However, these delivery services often come with high fees eating into a restaurant's already slim profit margins. Fortunately, there are alternative options restaurants can consider to reduce their dependence on third-party delivery services.

  1. In-house delivery

One option that restaurants can consider is setting up their own in-house delivery service using their own staff. This option requires an initial investment in vehicles and staff, but it can help reduce the fees associated with third-party delivery services. Additionally, by using their own staff, restaurants can ensure that their delivery service reflects the quality and standards of the restaurant.

  1. Pickup orders

Another option that restaurants can consider is encouraging customers to place pickup orders instead of delivery. This option eliminates the fees associated with delivery services and can help increase foot traffic to the restaurant. Columbus, Ohio, is a city with many great neighborhoods that are perfect for a stroll, so customers can easily stop by the restaurant to pick up their orders and explore the surrounding areas.

  1. Online ordering system

Restaurants can also set up their own online ordering system on their website, which can allow customers to place orders for pickup or delivery directly from the restaurant. This option can help reduce the fees associated with third-party delivery services and allow restaurants to better control the ordering process. Columbus, Ohio, is a tech-savvy city with a thriving startup scene, so it's no surprise that many restaurants in the city have already implemented their own online ordering systems.

  1. Partnership with local delivery services

Restaurants can also partner with local delivery services that charge lower fees than larger, more established delivery services. This option can help reduce costs while still offering delivery services to customers. Columbus, Ohio, is home to many local businesses that are eager to support other local businesses, so partnering with a local delivery service can be a great way for restaurants to connect with the community.

  1. Special promotions

Finally, restaurants can offer special promotions for pickup orders or in-house delivery to encourage customers to order directly from the restaurant instead of using a third-party delivery service. This option can help restaurants build loyalty among their customers and promote their brand. Columbus, Ohio, is a city that loves a good deal, so offering special promotions can be a great way for restaurants to stand out from the competition.

Restaurants in Columbus, Ohio, have several alternative options to reduce their dependence on third-party delivery services. By exploring these options, restaurants can reduce their costs and build stronger relationships with their customers. Whether it's through in-house delivery, online ordering systems, or special promotions, Columbus restaurants have plenty of tools at their disposal to navigate the challenges of the pandemic and emerge stronger than ever.